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Planetary Portals

NEW! The Uranus Pluto Mother Wave 2007-2020 [Free Extract fromUnderstanding the Future]

The Planetary Portals - Do you ever wonder where astrological influences actually come from? Without going too much into the quantum physics of it all, they could be said to stream forth from the Source or Quantum Field through the Portals as pure energy or Planet Waves.

Explore the Planetary Portals page and experience their power!


Karma AstroTrace and Birth Chart Guide - These two info-sheets are what you need for practically interacting with Lyn's blog posting 'Who Do You Think You Were?' which is about detecting your past lives through your birth chart.

Earth Pain and Memories of Heaven - Powerful Poems: An Insight into an Astrologer's Soul! (illustrated). Some of these poems are also an example of 'Stream or Conscious' or 'Automatic' writing, discussed on Lyn's blog, A Wicked Messenger, in the posting 'Dam-Busting'.

Protection Along The Way: Various ways of Psychically Protecting Yourself according to planetary energies.

Self-Talk: A Technique for emotionally Healing Your Inner Child.

The Mirror: A Technique for Resolving Relationship Problems caused by psychological projection

Mayan Solar Meditation: A simple and Empowering Chanting Meditation from the Mayans

Planetary Emanations: Planetary Laws to Guide and Heal (use in conjunction with the Planetary Portals).


A Mayan Of Information

Mayan InformationThis book is the easy-to-use guide to 'Dreamspell' and the Mayan Sacred Calendar. It enables you to determine and interpret your own and others' Galactic Gateways - the key to your Essence Self (your soul). It also allows you to ascertain the same for any day that you wish to tune into the spirit of, and also how to perform Self-Embodiment, Solar Meditation, etc. The Mayan Sacred Calendar is a wonderful device for divining and actually living the underlying mystery and meaning of planetary existence.

PDF sent by email (80pp) ... £23


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