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Lyn BirkbeckLyn Birkbeck Astrologer


A full-colour astrological profile divined at birth by your Higher Self through the Sabian Symbols and interpreted by Lyn Birkbeck. At birth the various parts of your being and your Higher Self became separated and so you effectively forgot who you are. Now through the Sabian Symbols you are prompted to remember as your Higher Self is activated as you read this unique profile.

£13.95 ... PDF (approx 40pp, comprehensive text and rich illustrations) emailed to you within a few days.

EXAMPLE: Download a full example of Higher Self Profile for US ex-president John F Kennedy.

BIRTH DATE: Please give birthdate in this format - DD/MM/YYYY

BIRTH TIME: Please give your local time, that is, the time on the clock. For a midnight birth at the beginning of that day, enter 00 a.m. For midday enter 00 p.m.

BIRTH PLACE: If small, give nearest town/city also.

e.g. John F Kennedy,May,25,1917,3 pm,Brookline,MA,USA

Name & Birth Details

"There is lots to ponder on with the Higher Self report. It's full of positive practicalities & I've come away with a further emerging sense of inner self & sense of purpose. The Sabian Symbols give you a detailed overview of how your Higher Self ticks over.  I'll definitely come back to the report for reminders and guidance, time & time again."

-Sue Turnbull, Northumberland, England 


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