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Your Inner Guide Meditation and Personal Astrology/Tarot Workbook

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The Inner Guide GPS Chart & Workbook is based on your own Astrological Birth Chart Correspondences and provides a precise discovery of your inner patterns and blocks, and a means of engaging and releasing them. Using the method first described by Edwin Steinbrecher (see his original book, left) and 25 years of teaching from Marcus Katz, working with many hundreds of individuals and groups worldwide, plus insight from leading Astrologer and author Lyn Birkbeck.

This 30-40 page workbook gives you a detailed analysis of the Tarot correspondences and relationships in your own birth chart - and then a method of building on your strengths and working on your weaknesses! Whilst you do not need the original book, we do highly recommend that you have a copy to hand to accompany the workbook as it provides the original method and a range of Q&A and additional ideas. Our workbook is however, stand alone and contains unique methods not included in Steinbrecher.

This is a totally unique workbook and ideal for birthdays, personal self-development work and workshops. Contact us for group orders and discounts for your Tarot or other meetup group. If you would like a printed version, please contact us for postage.

What people are saying already ... "The only people working with this technique so fully in this decade!" ... "I'm already finding so much to work on in it" ... "Can't wait to offer this to my own students - it's so unique!" 

Only £35 (PDF 40pp) and delivered by email within 2-3 days. Please ensure you give full birth details in the relevant box when checking out through secure Paypal.

BIRTH DATE: Please give birthdate in this format - DD/MM/YYYY

BIRTH TIME: Please give your local time, that is, the time on the clock. For a midnight birth at the beginning of that day, enter 00 a.m. For midday enter 00 p.m.

BIRTH PLACE: If small, give nearest town/city also.

E.g. type into text box for your report: 27/01/2011 6:00am Manchester UK



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