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These are some of the issues that clients find astrology clarifies:

Relationships – Addressing and resolving questions concerning compatibility, being on one’s own, conflicts, or difficulty attracting, keeping, or separating from a partner.
Career – Determining your true vocation. Discovering and remedying any trouble or dissatisfaction in your working life. Helping you release any creative blocks.

Psychology – Finding out who you are and what makes you tick; getting to know patterns of behaviour – capitalising on those that work for you and reducing or eliminating those that work against you. Establishing your true identity.

Health - Discovering the basic or inner causes of any health condition.  Revealing or confirming any genuine healing abilities.

Biography – Identifying key formative years with a view to resolving issues and seeing how your background may still be affecting you.

Family – Looking at why you have the father/mother/children/relatives that you do, thereby enabling better understanding and relationship with them.

Money – Looking at what is behind any money problems and issues of self-worth.

Karma – Is there such a thing as reincarnation? How do my past lives affect me now? What is the significance of my womb-life and actual birth?  What’s going on right now and why?

The Future – Very little is absolutely fated. You can co-operate or negotiate with fate - when you know what fate is saying to you.  And you can see how long a good or bad patch is going to last.
Planning and Decisions – Guidance for when you are at a crossroads, having to seriously make up your mind about something. Determining a good time for an important event or occasion. 

Spirituality – Who or what is my God? How did/does religion figure in my life? What is my relationship to a Higher Power?

The World We Live In – All of the above are looked at in the context of the rarefied and often difficult times that we as a civilization now find ourselves.


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