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"It's not for the fainthearted…" - Adam C Hall, author of The Earth Keeper (Hay House 2013)

Turn your fate into your destiny. This exceptional report meets the needs described by Carl Jung's profound statement: "Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate." Your unconscious is mostly comprised of memories and experiences of your past lives. Time Traveller reveals them, sometimes even causes you to emotionally re-live them, and in doing so makes them conscious, thereby putting you more in charge of your fate.

CONTENTS:   1/Your Karmic Trend. 2/Your Last Life. 3/Your Recent & Distant Lives. 4/Your Deep Memory Sources. 5/Your Far-Distant Lives. 6/Bound for Glory.

£19.95 ... PDF (approx 30-40pp, comprehensive text) emailed to you within a few days.

EXAMPLE: Download a full example of Time Traveller for Nick Drake.

BIRTH DATE: Please give birthdate in this format - DD/MM/YYYY

BIRTH TIME: Please give your local time, that is, the time on the clock. For a midnight birth at the beginning of that day, enter 00 a.m. For midday enter 00 p.m.

BIRTH PLACE: If small, give nearest town/city also.

e.g. Nick Drake,June,19,1948,7.15 am,Rangoon,Burma

Name & Birth Details

"Time Traveller doesn’t merely offer concepts or tools to play with - it re-contextualizes your present life, and weaves a soul narrative which acts as a matrix for the authentic Self to be experienced." - Jasun Horsley, author of Matrix Warrior (Gollancz 2003) and The Lucid View (CreateSpace 2013)


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