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The Planetary Portals

Planetary Portals

The Planetary Portals and How to Use Them - As the Planet Waves or so-called influences pour out of the Portals they then begin to manifest as life as we experience it in the here and now. But if we can actually come closer to the Portals themselves, then we can begin to 'catch' reality before it actually happens, at its moment of becoming.

The Planetary Portals are presented here as images or mandalas.  They have been developed over years of study and meditation, of experience and experimentation.  

All you need do is pick a Portal according to its given qualities or, if you happen to know what planet or planets are particularly significant or active in your birth chart, or collectively, then choose one or more of these.  Then just gaze at the Portal for anything from a few minutes to as long as you like. Gaze without studying or analyzing.  Let your eyes focus on it as a whole, only looking at individual parts momentarily until something calls you to a certain spot - usually the centre but not always - locking you on to it.  Also gazing through and beyond it helps to release the planet's subtle power, magic and assistance.  Just go with how the Portal plays upon you visually, emotionally and even physically - healing, transforming and informing you as it does so. It is a scientific fact that it is visual media that affects our brains most directly and potently. While gazing try breathing in the image, be open to it, keeping your hands and arms uncrossed.  You may well see the Portal breathing or moving itself. Lose yourself in it and it will find you.

As an accompaniment to using the Portals it is recommended that you read the Planet Keywords [PDF].

You may also gaze to instrumental (non-lyrical) music of your choice that matches the qualities of the planet being used.

00-INTERFACE - Graphic of How Portals Work

01-SUN - Confidence-Creativity-Vitality
02-MOON - Security-Empathy-Comfort
03-MERCURY - Logic-Wit-Connectedness
04-VENUS - Attractiveness-Harmony-Art
05-MARS - Drive-Decisiveness-Courage
06-JUPITER - Faith-Positivity-Luck
07-SATURN - Stability-Authority-Boundaries
08-URANUS - Freedom-Cool-Intuition
09-NEPTUNE - Peace-Oneness-Attunement
10-PLUTO - Power-Insight-Authenticity


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