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I am grateful for my many clients who have been kind enough to offer the following testimonials.

“A positively life-changing experience.” – W.G. (England)

“Many thanks – you have allowed me to start opening doors leading
to all sorts of pathways I never knew existed.” – C.B. (Canada)

“I cannot tell you how liberating your session was for me.” – L.G. (U.SA)

“While I was with you there was so much healing going on.” – M.F. (England)

“Your advice was not only helpful on an emotional level, but highly practical too.” – J.D. (Germany)

"I want to thank you for the immeasurable service you’ve provided in business and personal matters. I’ve had the good fortune of working with many providers to support my unique, immense healing and development path. Of all those that I have worked with, your readings have been more accurate, more insightful, more directive than any I’ve received – and I’m a complicated piece of machinery! You have truly helped me reach a level of creative power that previously I only held only in imagination. In your readings and the Oracle, which I use daily, I have a reliable, accurate, and forthright instrument of navigation. Your gifts and service can only be described in terms of the infinite and eternal." - D.G. (California)

"Thank you so much.  I really appreciate your input. I think you are just GREAT!" - C.C. (England)

"I now believe I understand myself more and it has given me permission to really live with myself as I am opposed to performing to others expectations.  I have already experienced really positive results in my work and in my personal life which is bringing me real joy and pleasure.  I've experimented with my psychic powers and you were right, they're so strong and accurate." - D.J. (London, England)

"Thank you for being my heaven-sent navigator of my starry depths." - A.C. (Bahrain)

"Although at the time we talked I thought 'I'll never remember all of this' what you said must have sent my subconscious on various tracks.  I feel I've really 'grown' in the last week." - A.D. (England)

"Thank you for cracking my code, I really found your information useful and helpful." - S.N. (Australia)

"The consultation was brilliant and one of the most intriguing experiences of my life." - C.R. (England)

"Your communication was so swift and efficient.  You have given so much encouragement at a time when I had turned into a cork on a rough sea.  I now feel the things I am trying to do could come to fruition with your directions." - S.D. (Scotland)

"I have listened to the recording again and understand better what you were saying to me.  I appreciate how honest and direct you were in getting to the crux of things.  It's what I needed to hear and although it wasn't easy listening (hence the defensive smog you had to navigate) I know it's right." - V.R. (France)

"I want to thank you again for the 'reading' you did with me yesterday. You can be assured that my life will never be the same.  I woke this morning with lots of thoughts about our time together. One was that I had clearly been with a magician or modern-day wizard. " - T.S. (Canada)

"It was a great pleasure to meet you a fortnight ago.  Thank you for the wonderful liberating experience - it was as if my soul had been given permission to dance again." - J.C. (England)

"Thank you Lyn for helping me to understand the dynamics involved with my relationship (with my mother) which has helped me so much to appreciate and value recent events." - R.M. (U.S.A.)

"All other creatures look down towards the earth, but Man was given a face that he might turn his eyes towards the stars, and his gaze upon the sky.  And someone so loves this man." M.M. (Ireland)


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